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It is tough to find a good mechanic in Orlando.  Earlier this year I worked with Dan and Tiffany Marcos of Marcos Auto Service to give them an upgrade to their web presence. 

Let me tell you that I was impressed to their dedication from top to bottom with everything they do.  When they make a commitment to your car they are bound by three things: Honesty, Integrity, and Quality.  Those 3 words were very important to them.  I will be honest with you, I am not a fan of those words because I feel they are thrown around too often, but I can tell you that if you get work done at their shop they will take care of you.  They have a deep rooted love of family, community, and pride in the work they do and it shows!

Testimonial Video Shoot

Part of the work I did for Marcos Auto Service was making a testimonial video.  I showed up on a Saturday, she coordinated some of their long time customers and provided coffee,  doughnuts, fruit, and bagels.  She turned it into a small get together.  I was floored by the consistency of each client and what they said in the video.  It was unscripted, and very much off the cuff.  Yes, I did do some light editing, but the testimonials are very much the customers.  Even Dan came across very genuine and natural.  I actually told him he seemed like he does this all day long.

Marketing Can't Polish Something That Isn't There

Sometimes the thumbnails provided by Youtube don't flatter the person or story a company is trying to say in the best way, so sometimes we will a custom thumbnail at no extra charge.  There are tons of of details that go into everything us business owners do.  Each project is important to us and it's important to offer the best available.  It's worth however when you have someone who is committed like Dan and Tiffany are to excellence.  There are so many expensive rip-off mechanics out there.  Hopefully, I got a chance to help you find your next mechanic. 

If you live the Orlando area,  I highly suggest that you check them out for your Automotive needs!


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