Does Your Website Meet These 5 Priorities?

Many people think that having a website is nothing but a pretty face, a brochure, a billboard, an overpriced business card. ?Truth is when done properly, it should be carrying it’s own weight. With that said, I thought I would put together this quick list of the top 5 priorities of priorities most small business websites should have. ?If you aren’t sure what any of these things mean feel free to contact us, or check back to our blog as we update it regularly.

1.Lead them to take some kind of action:

  • Make a phone call,
  • Fill out a form,
  • Read this next bit of info.

2. Make it easy to spread on the web:

  • Good content,
  • Easy to digest (audio, video, pdfs, infographics),
  • Clear calls to action in the content (i.e. download here.)

3.? Look credible but don’t worry about fancy:

  • Good design
  • Responsive

4.? Good Copy:

  • Sales pages need to be written with proper wording in the correct order. (Copywriting)
  • 404 pages need to create sales opportunities.
  • Your About page should focus on client as well as you.
  • You Sales Pages should create proper opportunities to up sell naturally.

5. Measure:

  • Marketing is about knowing what works, not guessing.
  • Start with a hunch and measure it to grow.
  • Google Analytics and heat map studies
  • Call Tracking Metrics for people who take phone calls.Social Media Reports to measure ROI.

These are just a few, and they don’t all need to be implemented at once. ?Just make sure to have a goal and work towards them. ?We can always help you with that 😉 ?Fill out the contact form to request information on how we can help you today.

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